Heat rationing through my body like tidal waves.
I like the feeling of his skin against mine
I can only imaging if the windows were left open on a Sunday morning when I smile
And he wakes me up to the breeze blowing fresh over flesh
I feel happy wrapped in his arms Burried in his chest
His lips moist and wet
I can only imaging what’s next
Because he won’t tell me what he’s thinking I always have to guess
Mysteriously making me long for his affection
He doesn’t notice how I take delight in Finding his most intense moments and making them serene
How I kiss him back and retract
To see how he looks at me
Your not intimidating your sweet
And honest
Heart of a man
With a marching band in your chest
I listen to it while you sleep
And I lay close to you breathing your scent recalling our memories
Reliving what we’ve shared
Take my hand and jump
I hear your soul whisper
Take my hand and with faith leap into happiness
Fear you will miss me
Never fear I will leave

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Jump With Me
Hold my hand and jump
Every time I like Someone I hear them saying
Hold my hand And Jump
With Every Kiss
His Eyes Capturing My Soul
Sparking Fireworks In My Stomach And As If All The Fireflies Glowed At Once
I Smiled
Your Bones Ached…
Jump With We
As We Lay
And My Flaws Are Exposed
I Can Hear His Body Trusting Mine
I can hear his pulse like a body trusting a parachute after already jumping out of the plane
No Turning Back You Have Already Jumped
I have already given you permission
To share me
To Be Apart of my beauty
Your breathing slows down
And in This pace I am reminded why I am hesitant
What if my imperfections reveal to much ugly
And Im not saying that you wont accept them
Or that we will be forever
That There Will Be Time For
But for now
You want me to be in the moment with you and though I try I always break the silence
I always end the moment
I am crashing into your tidal waves asking to be washed away at shore
Will you push hard enough to reach me
I am leaning over the edge of a twenty feet dive into the puddles of your cares
Will you be the wind that sends me heart first into your soul
I am standing in front of your door right now wet from the ocean and and the puddle and mostly my shower where I imagined these things happening and you there and
I want so badly to knock
Fuck knocking
To Open the door
To Grab Your Hand And

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We took two shots of patron
And then I cut the lights off
Let my mind slip into a faze
As the alcohol relaxed the tension between my thighs
I smelled your cologne lingering in the room like a cloud on a foggy day it seemed to fill the space
I liked it
I touched your shoulder the slightest gesture
To remind you of how soft my hands under dim brightness could be
How graceful I could seem
Then There was my actual intention
To tell you I’m ready
To Bring your sexy ass closer
You kiss me
Guide my hands to your hair
You tell me that you want me in your mouth
You want lips to meet lips and I promise
They are yours
For the time
In this moment
The small pressure I feel as heat cages me in
As you cage yourself in
I am happy to be entangled in your sheets
I am not ashamed to spend these next hours with you Exploring
I am awake
The patron has now sent small tickles around my rib cage
Maybe that’s just you
Clasped hands
Clenched teeth.
Closed eyes
I gasp for air
Trying to fight the urge of my moaning
You realize and like a lion attacking it’s prey
You feast
The feeling can’t be suppressed
I Release
My every emotion
My body begins to shake
You watch as I tremble
Climbing to the top of my temple
You turn me over
Whisper Good Morning
Kiss my neck
And Rub My Body until I fall back to sleep …

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Your hand placed In the crevices of my limbs
Together our skin
Creating signals to our whole body
Comfortable with each other’s scent

One tear falls

The first shed is for that feeling

having your heart beat sitting on my ear drum weighing heavy on my thoughts and as if your pulse could transform it would roar like a lion 

I miss you

Your eyes traveling across my Picasso painting
Taking in every flaw as an extra piece to an artwork that God specifically created for you to love

I loathe in this wave you’ve created EveryTime you relook at me In order to recreate me in your dreams so you never have to live a moment without me

A second tear falls

For fear of me not being able to breathe without that wave
me not being able to move without knowing your watching
As if I could walk on water
My every move is graceful in your eyes
I am your Sun Moon And Skies
Together We Are A Galaxy

Your voice
Echoes like a mountain top yell
Screaming back at me like a fresh wind
The sound of autumn leaves
As soft as flowers blooming in the spring
I am addicted
As crazy as it may seem
You are my everything

The third tear falls

I hope you are missing me as much as I am missing you
I hope your pillow isn’t as wet as mine
I hope that this makes us stronger though my heart has never felt so weak
I hope that my hope carries me as much as yours shall carry you

I pray that God watches over you and me and somehow connects our thoughts
because I can’t sleep without you and your not here

I’m not really here
So together we are lost in each other

The fourth tear falls and then there is a ring

I pick up the phone and as I hear breathing

I know it’s you and every tear after the fourth feels like a blur
BABY You Make Happiness.. Worth waiting for


I silently laid
In my bed

Trying to grasp for air when the weeping turned into yelling

The air turned into smoke
And my lugs began to fill my heart with


I opened and closed my eyes with every word visualizing every scene in order to keep from choking on the smoke

I breathed heavily
trying to push out memories

I know that I am better now but somehow they still haunt me

And when you think you’ve found at least one person who understands they desert you

So I laid on my bed and

Silently so no one would see how like broken glass I am shattered

Still trying to put myself back together

And failing each time

Because glass doesn’t loose it’s sharpness just because you safely fix it’s pieces

Slightly rub your finger over the imperfected structure

you will still get cut
You will still bleed
And it will hurt you more
When you have to hold it in your hand all by yourself

-Today is not a good day for me and it all came at once.
So I laid
In my bed &




See the difference between me and you
I don’t try to make you feel bad,
About the decisions you’ve made
The lies you’ve told
The pain you’ve caused
The path you laid

I don’t make you remember what should have been
Cause we could have been
And don’t forget that I support the relationship you In

You happy or you crying
She the best or you lying
I broke your heart
Or did you break mine

You tend to forget what you want to
Ease into my inbox when you want to
Think about me when you want to

It’s Convenient

You got what you deserve
You gave to much to me

Well you can have it all back
She can have all that
But just because you think You over me does not mean
Your heart will follow
And fall back,

You might stop talking to me
I’ll always be
Bubbling in your throat
On the tip of your tongue

And I’ll always be the peak of breath in your lungs
That brazed your lips before you kiss her,

I don’t want to forget you




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You are still searching
For me in her
It won’t happen

I can’t be duplicated
No matter how sweet her kisses may taste
How soft her hands may feel
How bright her smile may seem

She will never be me
She will never hold your heart like I did
She will never be able to break it like I did

Just because I mean that much to you

I’ll promise you this
That in Everything you do
Everything you see
Everything you try
I’ll linger in your memories

What you don’t know is that the things that made me happy you now cherish and share with her
And that means I did it first

I’ll always be around
In you mind
In you head
And while you guys may share the same sheets that once layered our skin in the bed

The warmest covers
Will be my thighs
Wrapped around you
My hand on your shoulder
My fingers ice skating across your limbs
My heart encompassed in your hands

While You share The same drunkin nights that once turned us into sexy lovers

I’ll be here
Happy for you
I’ll be here
Supporting you
Most of all I’ll be there too.

In your heart where you desperately claw at your thoughts
Wishing like an etch and sketch pad
You could roughly shake away our picture
Our world
We created
We used to laugh
At anything

But now,
Your grieving
Your space is empty
Did you ever notice how I looked at you when you left

Probably not

Well, I’m not looking at you anymore
I tried
I pulled
I cried

I begged

For You to be mine and only mine

You left instead….

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He kisses me,

He kisses me.
With no intentions
No regrets
He listens to me
With no judgement
And He likes The Way I Hold His Hand
He smiles
His lips moist
His nose wet
He kisses me
On my forehead while I’m sleeping
He waits for me to smile
He kisses me
On my lips
He lingers there for a while
He removes my hair from my face
Waits for my eyes to open and meet his
He kisses me
On my neck
And the feeling feels surreal
He kisses me
And though
We are lying here naked
I’ve never felt so warm
His hands now wrapped around my body pulling closer
He whispers Good Morning,
I kiss him this time.
And return to closing my eyes.
We sleep
Flesh side by side.

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I Hope This This Reaches You One Day

You say I make you feel good
Say You Never Felt Like This Before
Maybe it’s just I’m real good
Matter of fact I take pride in my ability to make you jump for joy

But why is it that after you get You some you feel some pain
But yet still let me love your heartache and feed your hunger to feel good
Sounds like you like the taste of sweet insane

Now you mad because I feel good
and is it because when Im with him I don’t always frown but when Im with you did you ever take the time to notice I don’t always smile

So does it feel good now that the pain has been transferred coming from a different lane
Because you shopped for hurt in a different isle you try and make me feel some shame

I hope this makes you feel good

Cuz I’m about to remind you of how you slipped your hands between my thighs
Wrote your name all in my spine
With every scratch and scream you erased my mind
Remember how you quickly fell in love with my inner sides

You slipped through my insecurities
and I let you slide
Past my security let you enjoy my wine
Tasteful pleasure led to Wasteful lies
I like. You
Turned into I love you
And i still skip the “I” a few times

But things indeed did change when I let you
Take A Hit
Lick My Clit
Remember how wet the pussy could get

Call her mrs feel good
Addicted to the tight grip
Wanted to be all up in her and now that you with her
You’re juggling if its worth the feelings that come from being her dinner

Cuz don’t forget I did it first
Accepted your every flaw cuz every imperfection gave you more worth

Decreased the headache with every moan but was those Minor Fixer Uppers
Cover ups
To what was unsaid what you never told?

Were those trapped in the closet feelings
slowly floating like butterflies
Out of the cobwebs
Never knew our secrets remained spiders
And are these words causing you to think
Are you reminiscing
Poetry is your release?

Can’t wait to hear your response your next edition

You need me to need you
I get that
Ask me to confess

Explain my love for you & how your absence makes my body feel weak
How profound your touch was to my body’s atlas
How I shook at you smile
Trampled over at your gaze
How I hated to be away from your voice
Wish it was played as my heartbeat
So I could constantly hear it play like a song on repeat
We both knew you were all I liked to listen to
You sang
You stroked my every nerve

Just like you stroked me under sheets
Removed them to see my curves
Asking if your fingers could get a peak
let me just rest my hand in there I love to feel your heat

I don’t think there is a spot on this temple you haven’t touched yet
Were you an intoxicated fix
I believe you intoxicated me bitch
But I recall I spent more than drunken nights with you
Maybe daylight isn’t that bright to you
Because I swear we walked on PAVEMENT

As if bending backward for our love to see the light Stepping on every crack
Avoiding every hole
Sticking together through every attempt of separation Was not enough for you

Because your dream girl
Holds you in a dream world
and maybe darkness
is where are hearts is
And where we should belong

Since we being so poetically honest was I just a feel good?

Tell me does it feel good to have your heart ripped out your chest and shattered
Like your words dont even matter
Like a lost child where did my trust go
Where did our true souls float

Torn maybe I’m tripping
Maybe I took in to much “TOXIC”

Ive been told you do not deserve me
How’s it feel to loose sleep over a simple question or are you not bothered

Was I just a feel good
Was my cum your reward
And you cuming your payment for being bothered

Because the days you question my sincerity are done
I’m tired of sobbing

I’ve realized it’s easy to be hurt by you
But ill be okay
I’ll play the game
Just remember next time what those kisses mean before you try to kill who’s being played
I hope it feels good
To know
I’ve let You

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